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Why Associated Press sucks… part ∞

11 November 2008

There’s been a recent scandal, covered in all Mexican newspapers (even my local Noroeste de Sinaloa) over the abrupt bankruptcy of Neoskin, a chain of depilation studios. A record number of consumer complaints (mostly for pre-paid services not performed) led to investigation.  If I understand my business Spanish correctly, Neoskin (described as “una estructura escalonada”) was a multi-level company, with profits from the pre-sold hair-removal contracts going to the parent company, and losses listed as incurred by the studios around the country, which were listed as a separate company.   Guadalupe Garza Martínez, the parent company’s legal representative, is on the lam, after an arrest warrant was issued for “generic fraud.”

What vaguely interested me in the story was that Ms. Garza is also wanted for “despidio injustificado”. Besides cheating all those hairy ladies, Ms. Garza skipped town, having plucked the company (and its clients) for what she could, Ms. Garza skinned the workers… basically, having skipped town with the loot, the employees were unjustly deprived of their livelihood.  Specifically, they have been fired without due cause.  I thought about writing something about employee rights in Mexico, but there really wasn’t much in the story to interest me.

The Associated Press also picked up the story, and — true to their crappy reportage — didn’t do any more than telephone the Mexico City office for a comment.  They did report that the phone was disconnected, which is no suprise…

The company is (er… was) located in Monterrey.

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  1. 30 November 2008 3:22 am

    Wow that sucks, I recently purchased a few more packages (for around $2000 total) but luckily used my Amex card so I won’t have any issue disputing all charges. Unfortunately the merchant processor will lose as the company owners have surely emptied their bank accounts by now. Nice to find this article along with a few others, I will help spread the word to others.

  2. anonymous permalink
    19 January 2009 10:02 am

    I purchased these about a year ago..and have only done ab out 25% of the sessions. VISA is telling me there is nothing I can that true?


  1. NeoSkin will Remove Butt Hair on the Run | Spa-View

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