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Hyprocrisy at its best

17 November 2008

Having written so well on his own fears and thwarted hopes as an “illegal alien”, the anonomous college student who calls himself “the shadow” had a good laugh over the weekend:

I couldn’t help but laugh when I found about this. I’ll quote the article of what I’m talking about.

Note to Malkin's lawyers -- yes, you morons, of course it's photoshopped!

Photoshopped? Yeah, well... close enough

Michelle Malkin, born Michelle Maglalang, is a dark skinned Filipino-American who loves the worst that white American civilization has to offer. Malkin is a darling of the right wing, a blogger and author who is eager to advocate invading other nations, and spewing hatred of immigrants in general and of Muslims in particular.

Malkin constantly rails against immigration, complaining about “drive by” and “accidental” citizenship attained by the children of immigrants who she and others label “anchor” and “jackpot”babies.

Malkin never told her loyal readership that her father came to the United States in 1970 on a temporary work visa. She was born in October 1970. Malkin is herself a jackpot baby, given automatic citizenship when her parents were not even permanent residents. The truth may set you free, but it doesn’t get you on Fox news.

She is an ‘anchor’ baby


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  1. Larry Gwaltney permalink
    18 November 2008 4:03 am

    The difference is that Malkin’s parents came here legally on a work visa. They didn’t sneak in across the border illegally.

    Malkin doesn’t object to people coming here on work visas, so long as they go through the process of citizenship without overstaying their visa, as her parents did.

    Sorry, no hypocrisy on her part. But there is logical inconsistency on yours.

    And maybe you should dispense with the childish attempt to link her to the Klan (which is no more racist than “La Raza,” an organization you don’t seem to have any problems with).

  2. M. Diaby permalink
    21 January 2009 8:39 pm

    It is unfortunate that many of Michelle Malkin’s allies would end the automatic citizenship of anyone born on US soil. I think that she is the most despicable opportunistic sycophant that spews hate and ignorance all the way to the bank. Her parents should have given birth to her in the Philippines. Hmm! I wonder what her position on US immigration policy would have been.

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