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The fourth North American nation…

18 November 2008

… after 25 November, the North American Free Trade Agreeement might have to be amended, or the name changed.  Greenlanders go to the polls to decide whether to seek full independence from their present status as a dependency of the Danish monarchy in favor of a semi-autonomous republic and eventual full independence.  Greenland would be one of the larger nations on earth by size (three times the size of Texas, or about 10% larger than Mexico) but with a population of only 57,000.  Even with global warming, it’s unlikely to be a banana republic, but besides the fisheries, there is gold, diamonds, oil and fresh water (increasing a marketable commodity) that the larger nations’ and multi-nationals would love to get their paws on.  Unless, of course, there is an Inuit version of Fidel Castro waiting in the wings.  Never know.

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