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The summit… DOH!

17 December 2008

The Mercosur countries (Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina) annual presidental summit has been combined with the Unasur group presidental summit (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brasil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Perú, Colombia, Venezuela, Surinam y Guyana) with Mexico and Cuba also participating.

While Otto has the best report on the fun and games at this non-major major event, we can look forward to a report from the U.S. delegate who  met with Evo Morales (Bolivia), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Juanes, Alvaro Uribe (Colombia), Alan Garcia (Peru) and Lula de Silva (Brazil):


Sombrero tip to Eddie (“Barrio Flores“, Cochibamba, Bolivia)

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  1. Leo permalink
    17 August 2009 8:36 am

    Excelnte Fotos

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