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Not this shit again!

3 January 2009

Two Canadian men were shot New Years Eve in a Cabo San Lucas stripper bar, but… even the Canadian press was willing to concede , the two Canadians were probably the kind who, as we used to say in Texas, “needed shootin'” :

Carrie Duncan, publisher for the English-language newspaper Gringo Gazette, said Mexican authorities questioned three of the two men’s friends who were at the bar at the time of the shooting, allegedly threatening them with jail time if they didn’t tell police who shot them.

“The police know people don’t burst into a club and target a specific group unless there was some bad blood there. Or more accurately, bad drugs,” she said.

Duncan said the threat must have worked because the three named names and a suspect has already been arrested.

In other words, this was one of those embarrassing incident a country’s media usually is quick to claim was an aberration, lest the host nation assume those country’s visitors are normally engaged in funny business, making them unwelcome in places like… oh… titty bars.

But no…. leave it to the sensationalist Canadian press to try tying to tie what apparently was a gangland rubout and a couple of drunk-i-cides into the usual package of anti-Mexican warnings:

The CBC said there has been a “string of violent incidents” involving Canadians in Mexico since 2006.

Bouabal Bounthavorn, 29, died after being shot three times in the head in his Cabo San Lucas, the media organization reported.

Domenic and Nancy Ianiero of Woodbridge, Ontario, were found with their throats slit in February 2006 near Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, the CBC said. It went on to name two other brutal deaths of Canadians, in éapulco and Cancún, in 2007. Both of those were deemed accidental, but relatives and friends dispute the authorities’ position.

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  1. 4 January 2009 2:18 am

    hmmm. I’m Canadian, lived here for almost 4 years, no problems, no one has shot me yet. Must be doing something right ?

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