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A sign of change?

20 January 2009

Boy, and I thought just writing Mexican history made me an obsessive who interprets everything anywhere in terms of Mexico.  Dr. David Stuart , the David and Linda Schele Professor of Mesoamerican Art and Writing at the University of Texas at Austin, publishes Mayan Decipherment, a blog  for the very specialized audience of those seriously involved in the “epigraphy and related archaeological and linguistic topics” related to the study of Mayan hieroglyphics.

Mayan hieroglyphs are still being deciphered by scholars such as Dr. Stuart, a task that began with Diego de Landa Calderón(1524 – 1579) the  first Bishop of Yucatan, who did everything he could to learn the Mayan language and culture, the better to wipe it out. Dr. Stuart’s interests are much more benign, and… he even dares to create new glyphs for the words the ancient script (now replaced in the thirty plus Mayan tongues by Roman alphabet) for the words that even those future-obsessed people overlooked:


Coffee mugs and tee shirts with the Obama glyph are available from Mayanists for Obama through

(Sombrero tip to Lord Pakal Ahau’s Maya Diaries)

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