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Economic meltdown… priceless!

3 March 2009

I only half-caught this story on a One A.M. re-broadcast of Noticieros con Joaquin Lopez Doriga (sort of the Dan Rather of Televisa).  While it´s refreshing to see neo-colonialist pond scum at least speak the native language with some fluency, it´s a lot more fun to watch him flounder, make excuses… and hang up on his interviewer.  And… having it broadcast to the nation… PRICELESS!

I meant to upload this clip to youtube, so I could post it here, and will when I have my laptop with me.  Long story, but I had only expected to be in Oaxaca for the morning, and already checked out of my hotel, but ended up here all day.  Rather than cart books, laptop and the goods and chattels one carries on the road, I rented a room in the cheapest hotel I could find, and … well… the laptop´s in the hotel of no-repute (and no wireless connections) and I´m in a hot zone, working out of an internet cafe surrounded by Benito Juarez Autonomous University students (undoubtedly planning the overthrow of the local government… or not.  If there are ¨signs of discontent just below the surface¨as every right’-on foreigner writes about this city, those signs are way, way below the surface.  Not that there isn´t political repression… just that it isn´t at the top of anyone´s agenda right now.  Economic survival is).

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