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The mota in thine own eye

8 March 2009

OUCH!  It must be the cosmic convergence if Felipe Calderon, the Mex Files and God himself (or… His official mouthpiece here in Mexico, anyway) are all singing from the same hymnal.

The lead editorial in the official Mexico City Archdiocesan weekly, Desde la Fe (not updated regularly on-line), rejects United States claims that it wants to “save Mexicans from  drug trafficking”, calling such claims “hypocrisy and double morality”.

Desde la Fe doubts the U.S. has any  intention of confronting what the Church publication calls the “addict culture”, while the country does absolutely nothing to control arms trafficking, nor makes any attempt to restrain the free flow of financial resources to the Mexican cartels.

“It seems that [the United States] wishes to preserve a society fed on drugs and arms,” the Church publication writes, adding that the United States needs to develop its own anti-corruption program, before listening to “vain and illogical” people within the United States military community.

The Archdiocesis openly questions the motives of  “a country with the  most sophisticated antiterrorist technology, as well as the latest in anti-drug trafficking tools techniques and tools” in offering to help its neighboring country while unable — or unwilling — to control its his own territory, “as evidenced by the abysmal transit of drug and the flow of money used in the these transactions.”


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  1. ReasonableCitizen permalink
    9 March 2009 7:29 pm

    Sometimes I think the US wishes to control the drug trade and not to stop it.
    It has tools but has no visionary to use them well.

  2. 10 March 2009 7:29 pm

    The US has vested interests in seeing the drug trade continue, not end. See here:

    Also, excellent reading material here:

    The CIA is the biggest cocaine trafficker of all, it seems.


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