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Worst person in the… UNIVERSE!

16 March 2009

José Luis Romo Trujano, 22, doesn’t have a prayer.  Being pulled over for a breathalizer test in Mexico City, Romo sped away, hitting (and killing) 44-year old police officer, Luis Fernando Corona Mercado.

Romo managed to speed another kilometer when he was stopped by a statue of Pope John-Paul II.   The fire that erupted from Romo’s crashed VW may have been a a sign of further punishment going beyond the murder charges filed by the Public Minister’s office.


Sombrero tip to Burro Hall

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  1. Seth Ezequiel permalink
    17 March 2009 4:13 am

    Do you really think that Pop John-Paul II would really say: You are sooooo f*ck*d? is Romo the worst person in the Universe???? is not worst trying to kill the Pop as many other people have tried to? Please… if you need some traffic for your Blog is better that you post about porn.Please give up of posting stupid things…

  2. Brian permalink
    17 March 2009 4:14 pm

    I am guessing this is the story I saw the other day. I just caught the headline as I was walking: “Asesino Inebrio”

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