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More… and less… a murder in PV

17 March 2009

While busing it from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara a few weeks ago, I was told… in no uncertain terms… by foreigners…. that foreigners were being stabbed on the streets in the resort city.  The people insisted their sources were impeccable — “people who live there”.  I’m dubious, but  I said I’d check,  and I did.

A foreign national homeowner in PV was stabbed a few weeks ago when he walked in on a burglary, which doesn’t sound like it was “on the streets” and there was a second stabbing, in a hotel room, of a client-tourist who refused to pay a prostitute.  The first is so mundane as to not make much waves, and even the U.S. Embassy didn’t raise a stink about that one.  The second did make the papers, only because the situation was slightly irregular.  The client being  male-to-female transgender activist from Wisconsin and the prostitute — who was caught in the act, and arrested — being male.

My only purpose in posting is that I had a lot of several hits from people using the search engine term “gay murder Puerto Vallarta”.  I don’t see this as particularly gay murder, and obviously, there are no random stabbings going on in Puerto Vallarta,  but tourists do need to be reminded that walking in on a burgled apartment has never been safe.  And, while prostitution isn’t strictly illegal in Mexico, there are no regulations, nor consumer protection acts covering the trade, and one should negotiate the price up front to avoid confrontations.

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  1. David permalink
    17 March 2009 7:30 pm

    I don’t see how you can not see the latter case as a gay murder. Last I checked, transgender people were in common cause with gay people. It’s a fair guess that the male prostitute was surprised, so to speak.

  2. 17 March 2009 8:23 pm

    The headlines calling this a “gay murder” imply that sexual orientation was a factor in the crime. Although the victim was a somewhat noted activist in in gay/lesbian/transgender political causes, and may have been born male, press reports indicate she was post-op… i.e., biologically and physically female. The prostitute was of the opposite gender… which makes it not-gay.

    Transgenders and gays both share a threat of violence, as well as unjustifiable discrimination, based on sexual orientation, but this was not a “gay” murder… just a murder.


  1. More… and less… a murder in PV | Cheap Puerto Vallarta

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