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No shit

22 March 2009

Today’s The (Mexico City) News:

On Friday in Washington, local and international rights groups told the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights that rights abuse claims against the Army have shot up 600 percent since President Felipe Calderón dispatched troops to take on the nation’s drug cartels in 2006.

Of the 500 formal complaints lodged with the Defense Secretariat by civil authorities over the past two years, only 174 were investigated by the military, the groups said. Those investigations have resulted in just 11 arrests and no sentences, they added.

Meanwhile in Mexico, the president appeared at a National Human Rights Commission event and rejected calls to pull the Army from the nation’s streets. Such a move would be impossible as long as Mexico lacks police forces capable of taking on organized crime, he said.

Culiacan has the same number of police officers it had six years ago, and I suspect other communities are in the same situation. It appears that rather than focus on police reforms… paying police officers enough to attract educated recruits, and educating those they do hire… it’s relying on 18 and 19 year old soldiers to handle police matters. Of course there are abuses.

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