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Guns don’t kill Mexicans… U.S. guns kill Mexicans

1 April 2009

The Houston Chronicle, as much by default as anything else, is one of the few U.S. papers with enough Mexican coverage to be worth looking at right now.  For the second time in as many days, I’ve found the comments on articles more enlightening than the articles.

“AnimuX”, a 32-year old man from Austin is as far as I tell, a supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, but his comments on the commentators who think a hearing on weapons smuggling FROM the United States shows that at least some “gun guys” get it … a hearing is not a plot to take a citizen’s right to bear arms (and you never know when you might need to assault a nursing home) , but to keep people from smuggling guns to places that don’t want them.

I see that many people responding to this article continue to harp on about how worried they are about gun control such as weapons bans. – I don’t approve of an AWB. I support 2nd amendment rights.

However, that does not mean that Obama, the ATF and the State Department are inventing a problem just to push an anti-gun agenda. The fact of the matter is that this is not a new problem and it is a very real threat to Mexico and the USA. – For YEARS law enforcement has been dealing with gun smuggling operations run by Drug Trafficking Organizations. – The ATF has made repeated public statements that most of the weapons are coming from US gun dealers.

They’ve run traces on weapons confiscated form the cartels after raids/battles and traced up to 90% of the weapons back to the USA.

The cartels are recruiting American citizens to steal or purchase firearms legally in the USA and smuggle them to Mexico. Law enforcement has nicknamed them a “parade of ants” because they only move a couple of weapons at a time. With a thousand people moving 1-2 guns a month each you have a successful smuggling operation where if any individual gets busted the guns keep flowing. The border with Mexico has been nicknamed the “Iron River”.

People who call for the government to secure the border and then turn around and act as if the agencies responsible for doing so are secretly and underhandedly trying to disarm them don’t make any sense. This is a real problem and US gun dealers and US citizens are part of it.



This government document published during THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION specifically mentions weapons trafficking by DTOs and the fact that DTOs stockpile these weapons in caches on both sides of the border.


This article details ATF efforts to combat weapons trafficking and includes the statement made by the ATF that 90% of the weapons confiscated from Cartel raids/battles in Mexico came from US gun dealers.


This article also discusses the trafficking problem with the ATF and features a gun dealer who was busted by the Feds with details on how the weapons are being smuggled and cases are being investigated.

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