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Have gun, will travel?

8 April 2009

From the Mexico City “Craig’s List”

prior us army infantry
Reply to:
Date: 2009-03-30, 5:27PM CST

prior millitary looking for short term or long term contracts, to provide personal security, convoy escorts, and residential secutity. have mercinary state of mind,

I guess the English teaching market is in a downturn, and time-share salesman requires too many ethical and moral compromises, but maybe this guy does have a shot at a job here in Mexico.     It seems to me I’ve seen  ads for people with his particular skill set, but from what I can tell Spanish comprehension is  a job requirement, and I’m told the employer has a really crappy retirement plan.

Whether they pay for the employee’s  work permit may be negotiable. I think you have to apply in person… the employer doesn’t seem to list an email address.


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