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Axis of weevil

10 April 2009

“We face a new and dangerous dimension since the September 11 attacks,”  said Robert C. Gómez, New Orleans Operations Director for the  Customs and Border Patrol.

And, with the federal budget in the works, September 11 is as good a reason as any to duplicate  Department of Agriculture functions.  Which is why, when an unidentified weevil was found in a shipment of Colombian bananas arriving in Gulfport, Mississippi, it wasn’t treated as an agricultural problem, but as an “agro-terrorist threat.” And the Customs and Border Patrol went… oh… bananas.

Osama bin-weevil, aka “Faustinus rhombifer champion“, was detained, briefly questioned by Agricultural Department experts and expelled from the country.  Probably to weevil Gitmo.

Sombrero tip to Colombia Reports.

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