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Anahí got her gun… where?

15 April 2009

Anahí Beltrán Cabrera was pulled over yesterday driving her Chevy Cheyenne pickup with a slightly irregular accessory — an anti-aircraft gun capable of firing 800 rounds per minute and a range of 1.5 Km.

The misleading Associated Press story meanders off into talking about Guatamalan civil war relics, suggesting the weapon (other than being an anti-aircraft gun of a type not used by the Mexican military, press reports had no other description than “gun”) somehow was smuggled the 36 hours up from the nearest Guatemalan border crossing, along with the two Barrett 50-mils, the Browing machine gun, the Barrett AR-50 and 29 cases of various shells and bullets.   Why is it more likely that Ms. Beltrán — a resident of Santa Ana, Sonora and pulled over in that city  six or seven hours an hour*  south of Nogales, Arizona, and in a Chevy Cheyanne with Sonora plates probably acquired her accessories a bit closer to home than Guatemala?  Santa Ana is where the main north-south highway (15-D) to Nogales meets the Highway 2 running up to Tijuana.

Anahí is undoubtedly a sweet, innocent girl who just needed a little something to fend off unwarranted attention from brutish males.  A nice family girl… the family believed to be the  Beltrán Leyva’s, whose family values include torture and mayhem on only a slightly smaller scale than the infamous Texas Bush family.


Accessories for the modern working girl. Photo: NOTIMEX

* Silly me… I meant 60 Km, and wrote 6 hours.  Not sure who it was who caught this, but thanks.

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  1. 15 April 2009 10:49 am

    Boy the report keeps changing! Anyway, is it really an “anti aircraft” gun? What I read is that it could maybe take out an aircraft if it were mounted/setup correctly. Im not an expert. Is this technically listed AS “an anti-aircraft” weapon? It’s pretty much and old big machine gun, right?

    Wonder how it will all shake out.

  2. 22 April 2009 1:00 am

    Yeah, as always, reports seem to change every minute…

    thanks for sharing an interesting news.

  3. LOL permalink
    3 September 2009 12:20 am

    if they’re talkin’bout the rifle on the pict, then it is a rifle.. that’s an anti-aircraft gun? it doesn’t look like a machine gun, or an AA-gun coz it looks like a bolt-action type of rifle..

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