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Its not who you know, it’s who’s your daddy

16 April 2009

Proof, if any was needed, that having the right parents makes all the difference:

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo acknowleded his paternity of Guillermo Armindo Carrillo Cañete. Lugo was a Roman Catholic Bishop when he began his relationship with Guillermo’s mother, Viviana Carrillo.  Though a Catholic priest involved with WOMEN would be newsworthy in the United States, Catholic priests in rural Latin America have always been assumed to have girls on the side.  And, occassionally, kids.  And he’s certainly not the first Latin American president to have a taste for young girlfriends (Juan Peron had a thing for teenagers).  As a scandal, this will probably pass.

p337smallAs for young Guillermo, he

“… once fell from the third floor of a building and survived without a scratch. “He is the son of a bishop, no doubt,” [Ms. Carillo’s cousin, and her lawyer] said. “It was a miracle.”

God protects fools, babies and Latin American presidents.

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