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And in other health news

27 April 2009

El Condonmovil… which was truck-napped last October (stealing 5000 condoms made the news, but it was stealing the sound system that hurt)… is on a good-will tour of Guatemala and the Central American Republics.

condonSponsored by the U.S.-based Aids Health Care Foundation and the Mexican organizations Colectivo Sol and Letra S, el Condonmovil is a modified  2002 Nissan Estaquita  carrying a team of five who are distributing condoms, AIDS  testing kits and promotes AIDS awareness and sexual health information throughout southern Mexico and Central America.  Look for the  friendly smiling seven meter inflatable condom.

AIDS and HIV are relatively low in Mexico, especially compared to the Central American countries and the United States.  The disease is considered pandemic in north America, though, for some odd reason, you don’t hear much about it right now.

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