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No honor among thieves?

19 May 2009


OLD GUY: “Son when I die, I want Carlos Salinas de Gotari and Miguel de la Madrid Huertado at my bedside”

YOUNG GUY: “Why, Pops?”

OLD GUY: “I want to die like Christ… between two thieves!”

It’s hard to keep up with this story… interviewed by respected journalist Carmen Aristegui on April 14, ex-President Miguel de la Madrid said basically if he’d known Salinas was as big a crook as he was, he wouldn’t  have kept silent about how much Salinas stole from “secret party accounts”.  Not that de la Madrid isn’t viewed as a crook himself (he’s suspected, with good reason, of having abetted Salinas’ theft of the 1988 Presidential elections from probable winner Cuauhtemoc Cardenas) and his own “illicit enrichment” but c’mon…

Salinas claims de la Madrid is “prematurely senile”, but then, de la Madrid has never fled Mexico, nor is he sending pathetic letters  from London blaming reporters for taking advantage of some old geezer.  De La Madrid (who is 74) sent his own letter to the press, saying he understood perfectly well what was asked, and what he was saying.

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