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Bolivian nukes? Puu-leeeeze!

26 May 2009

Buried down in the (dis)Associated Press reports on the latest in the “Axis of Evo” scare story (Israeli document: Venezuela sends uranium to Iran) there are a few details that I’ll bet will be overlooked.

stupidFirst of all, where does Venezeula get the uranium it’s supposedly shipping? The Israeli document probably didn’t go into too much detail, but the fact that Venezuela has uranium deposits is somewhat beside the point, when you read that they aren’t mining it.  Bolivia mines a bit… and the Bolivian government is anti-US and pro-Venezuelan, therefore… Bolivia = Venezuela in AP-landia.  So does Paraguay.

Note to AP:  a country in the same continent is not the same country.  Even having diplomatic ties, and even having presidents with somewhat similar political theories doesn’t make them the same country.

Otto (who knows more about mining than just about everyone, and more about Latin America than most people) lives Peru, not AP-landia.  Peru is a country in South America, just like Paraguay is (and they both start with the letter “P”).  He noticed that the AP confuses Paraguay (where there probably are some Hezbollah members among the Palestinian immigrants in that country) with Venezuela.

I’d question whether immigrants who might have belonged (or still belong) to a political party in their homeland qualify as a “cell”… but it sounds scarier, andwhich doesn’t make them a “cell”… since they come from a country where Hezbollah is a political party.

And… has anyone mentioned that the “Israeli document” detailing this supersecret international plot is THREE PAGES?  I’ve seen more plausible screenplay concepts that are longer.

I’m guessing it’s in Hebrew.  Which might be the reason nobody at the AP appears to have read it.  Why bother,  there’s enough there to cook up a good AP exclusive.  Take one cup of “Venezuela is EEEVIL” and a cup of “Bolivians call fascists “Fascists” and that’s not nice”, add a dash of “scary AY-rabs are gonna kill us”, a sprinking of “Iranians are crazy people” and a dash of “Israel is always right” and send it out half-baked.

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  1. 26 May 2009 8:50 pm

    This is really serious because it was done for a reason. This had to go by Obama or his people in the recent meetings. It is so amazing because, like you and Otto point out, the case is so flimsy. The last thing Iran even needs is more Uranium – it mines its own and has a fully stocked seller (Russia). So the question is why? Just to put more screws on Iran? To do the US’ bidding in the Andes?

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