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Saturday morning cartoons

6 June 2009

Terrorists?  Ruh-roo!

John Boonstra (U.N. Dispatch) on a model for fighting terrorists (and narcos) that flies in the face of Dick Cheney and Gitmo (and the Calderon “mano duro” drug “war”), but is grounded in common sense.

scooby-dooConsider the Scooby Doo villains as rudimentary terrorists.  They dress up as scary monsters, terrify the local population, and chase Shaggy and Scooby through endless halls and mismatched doorways.  That they wear masks, and often are after financial gain, may make them seem to resemble old-school bank robbers, but the crux of their power is the terror they invoke in residents.

The mysteries are inevitably solved by the members of the team — Fred, Daphne, and Velma — who remain relatively calm and treat the monsters as criminals — not, say, “enemy combatants” of the beleaguered town.  This is despite the fact that they are impersonating what is, in terms of fear-inducing presence, essentially a child’s equivalent of a bomb-laden terrorist.

But no lockdowns are conducted, there is no torture for information on the monster’s identity, and no pre-emptive strikes.


Rodrigo Contreras Diaz, whose dropped out of business school after two semesters (he was too busy watching cartoons) at learned enough to recognize a loophole in Mexican intellectual property law. And an opportunity. A product that is known to a portion of the public from a foreign registered trademark cannot be registered in Mexico, but nothing is said about registered name that is not a product. Sort of like Like Homer Simpson’s beverage of choice, Duff Beer.

Or, for that matter, the Virgin of Guadalupe. The Roman Catholic Church, under the 1992 treaty between the Vatican and the Mexican Federal Government, has some economic rights within a zone surrounding the Basilica, mostly regarding the regulation of what can, and cannot, be sold — the Church wanted to avoid the situation outside the Metropolitan Cathedral, where Communist literature is sold just outside the main gate. Church lawyers complained about some souvenir vendor’s images of the Virgin (claiming these were not Church-sanctioned images), but — without proof of the Virgin’s actual existence (or, the judge added, as an aside, if She registered a complaint herself) — there was no way to issue an injunction against the vendors.

As Burro Hall discovered, you can buy genuine Duff Beer, even if in his colonia, the bar looks like Death’s waiting room (sort of like Moe’s Bar, only in Spanish)…


Duff: si existe

Los de abajo

At least in cartoon-landia, the Mexican campesino is saved from injustice.

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  1. 6 June 2009 10:17 am

    i like the ending of this post

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