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Penny pinching Spy v $py

7 June 2009

Two Latin American spy stories this past week.  A U.S. State Department official was arrested on suspicion that he and his wife had been spying for the Cubans for the last twenty-plus years.

Spy-vs-SpyWalter Kendell Meyers (72) and his wife Gwendolyn (71),  pled “not guilty” to providing documents to the Cubas.  What’s interesting is not that there are Cuban spies, or that the Cubans had no trouble recruiting spies, but that they did it on the cheap.  Other than getting  a few free spy-type trips (to Mexico, Trinidad, Cuba … and South Dakota!) out of the deal, the the Meyers seem to have operated pretty much on the cheap… I guess when you’re the John Steed and Emma Peele of a country where high-tech transportation is a 1952 Chevrolet with Soviet tractor parts and a Yugo engine, you improvise.  The Meyers made do with retro spy-stuff … a short-wave radio and sending messages by Morse Code … or switching off shopping carts with Cuban agents at the local supermarket.

The whole spy-tech stuff cost a heck of a lot less than whatever was spent on the anti-Venezuelan operation that is collapsing in gales of laughter.

Part one of the not-so-secret mission probably didn’t cost all that much.  Ads on Craig’s List are free, so the recruiting costs were minimal for

writers that can contribute stories, reports, comedic content, cartoons, and more for our website. Looking for political writers, picture up-loaders, personal experiences, personal views, and anything else that will help shed some light on the situation in Venezuela… Also, if you know any Venezuelan writers, web designers, or anyone else that would like to help out – send them our way!

That may have been cost-effective, but you wonder about the costs of vetting the recruits (if any).  Those who answered the ad didnt always have the mission in mind … or the mission apparently envisioned anyway.

And a Craig’s list ad was only the “final stage” in Operation WTF, which goes back to at least October 2007, when someone — ostensively Clarence A. Steim, the former U.S. Military Attache in Honduras, pissed away   $312,500 to register the domain name “”.  Once the site was up (with no Venezuelan writers, as far as I can tell), its laugably amateurish design and sophomoric writing made it a target for unmerciful mockery.  Down it came… and some more money was spent changing the ownership records to “private” — as of now, showing ownership by something called “” Company as in THE Company?  Probably not, but at least one writer who looked into the matter thinks there’s something “sketchy” (and costly) going on than just a fool and his money parting ways.

Geeze, maybe the U.S. spies should infiltrate the Cuban government accounting office to figure out how to properly pull off a operation.

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  1. 25 July 2013 12:38 am

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