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Get over it!

9 June 2009

That’s basically what Eduardo Medina Mora, Procurador General de la Republica (“Attorney General”) said when Michoacán Governor Leonel Godoy aired complaints that the arrests of Michoacán state officials, in the statehouse was a violation of the law.  Media Mora argues that he has the right to make arrests on his own authority, and needed to act before the perps had a chance to carry out their dirty deeds.

That’s about all you’re hearing from the English-language press, and from the conservative press.  What some in the press at least find of passing interest is the  small detail that the federal police appear to have forgotten to get warrants for those arrests.  Ooops!

Energy Secretary Georgina Kessel faces legal action by a Congressional committee over her failure to explain why she is not implimenting the changes in PEMEX contracting procedures that required so much compromise within the Chamber of Deputies and Senate to pass earlier this year.  Kessel’s excuse is she’s been travelling, which doesn’t answer anything.   Opposition figures assume the real reason is the PEMEX bill wasn’t what the Administration wanted to do, so they’re picking and choosing which parts of the reform package they’ll implement.

The Calderón Administration — besides being conservative and having been elected by a narrow (and somewhat questionable) margin — sometimes acts more like the recent Bush administration not just in pursuing federal prosecutions against alleged “terrorists” which are procedurally dubious, but in deciding for itself how to follow laws passed by Congress.

… But, turnabout is fair play (or not-so-fair).  Merry Prankster in Chief (and “Presidente Legitimo”) Andres Manuel López Obrador announced over the weekend that he plans to file criminal complaints against thirty Administration officials for fraud, tax evasion and other jailable offenses.  Assuming a judge issues an arrest warrant.

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