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11 June 2009

Via South Texas Chisme, comes this not so surprising tidbit from the Houston Chronicle:

Not only is Houston a major center for Mexican cartels’ smuggling drugs and weapons, but banks and financial institutions in the nation’s fourth largest city’s also are targets for gangsters trying to hide millions of dollars in profits, according to a White House report released Wednesday.

Underworld organizations, particularly those aligned with the Gulf and Sinaloa cartels, have major bases of operation in Houston and Corpus Christi, continues the report, prepared for the Obama administration by the National Drug Intelligence Center.

There are 201 international drug and money-laundering organizations in a 16-county region that stretches from Kenedy County, in deep South Texas, to just this side of the Louisiana border, according to the report.

Houston is (or was) home to Enron, “Sir” Alan Stanford and the Bush family.  Why is anyone shocked that there’s funny money floating around, and what’s this about the banks and financial institutions being “targets”… please, who ever heard of Texas businesses turning down money, or any business for that matter?

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  1. 11 June 2009 11:53 pm

    Head of security at Stanford when the balloon went up was a guy named Tom Raffanello…who happened to be head of the Miami DEA before getting his Stanford gig.

    Shome coinshidensh shurely, ossifer

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