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We destroyed the law to save it

1 July 2009

Any pretentions of legality in the Honduran coup have been lost (as well as any pretentions of civility) with the suspension of all civil liberties today.

Otto (Inca Kola News) has another post from Dario in San Pedro Sula. Besides what we already knew (and has been reported in the outside world) about the suspension of civil liberties and the curtailment of the media, Dario mentions that civil servants have gone on strike.

Here is what happened this morning (10:30 AM Honduran time) in Progresso:

Hondurasdigna” is uploading YouTube videos when (s)he can from Progresso.

Another on-line resource that has sprung up is “Honduras Frente al Golpe de Estado“… in Spanish only at this point.  So far, it’s link sources are to TelSur, which may lead some to question it’s objectivity, but then… when dealing with fascists, do we really need to ask the fascist point of view?

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