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Street battles in Tegucigalpa?

3 July 2009

Argentine news service TELAM is reporting that Organization of American States Secretary-General Miguel Insulza, managed to meet with the Honduran Supreme Court… for a response to OAS demands for return to democratic and constitutional government.  The demands have been rejected according to El Salvador’s La Prensa. Tomorrow is the 72 hour deadline for the return of the legitimate president, at which time, the OAS ultimatum will kick in, leading to Honduras’ expulsion for the hemispheric organization.  Insulza arrived and left Tegucigalpa under massive military protection.

At the same time, Pablo Palomo of NOTIMEX is reporting that the scene around the Presidential Palace in Tegucigalpa is a “battleground”, while ABC (Spain) reports that bombs have gone off at the airport.  Spanish media is also reporting that King Juan-Carlos has spoken against the coup.  And, having put down a coup that was supposedly in support of him (and of right-wing oligarchs) back in 1981, the man knows a thing or two about coups.

Mexican sources have mentioned dissention within the military, with possible mutinies against the coup, but I’m having a hard time finding on-line sources and confirmation right now.

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  1. Jorge Dela permalink
    3 July 2009 8:02 pm

    Finally, a blog that explains the other side of the spectrum!!!!

    I sent the link to everyone I know in Honduras to show them that they are not alone and that this coup will not work, not this time.

    Thank you.

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