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Good background for a pol

7 July 2009

Someone was complaining the other day that Mexican politicians form a “political class” with no outside experience, or background, in anything other than the chincanery of governance. But Burro Hall notes that the Pepe Calzada, the new governor of Queretaro, another pick-up for the PRI, has one qualification almost no other elected official in the world can match.

Minnesota may have had a governor who could wrestle with the issues, and Caifornia (and the entire United States) a guy whose profession was lying with a straight face as Chief Executive… and California’s sitting governor made his start in the United States as a model in gay magazines (relatively safe for work link)–knowing how to handle public exposure is always considered a political plus —  but Pepe Calzada has one skill none of these guys ever mastered… Pepe know  how to cut  the bull.

Calzada.  L, campaigning; R, learing how to handle opponents

Calzada. L, campaigning; R, learing how to handle opponents

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