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Smile for the camera

12 July 2009

In Texas, $2 million was just pissed away over the last year ” to install cameras along the U.S.-Mexico border and broadcast the footage live over the Internet.”

The program, which depended on “virtual deputies” (some as far away as Australia) to monitor the sites, and call authorities IF they saw suspicious activity, wasn’t a TOTAL bust.  At a mere $53,000 per person, 19 arrests were made.

As the inimitable Susan Dequensey (Kiss My Big Blue Butt) puts it:

So, Jim Bob wanted to sit around in his underdrawers, drinking beer, watching the border on his internet machine (between hits to porn sites, of course) and then call the pooolice when he saw Debbie Sue’s yardman come across from visiting his family?

Hell, that ain’t no waste. That’s $2 million worth of entertainment. Think of the money you saved Jim Bob on porn sites!

From “La Gringa’s Blogicito” which has been complaining about the lack of coverage of “peace marches” in Honduras (but says nary a word about the expulsion of six journalists… supposedly because the “government” can’t guarantee their safety), comes this very interesting photo of a “peace march” in Utila (one of the tourist islands on the Caribbean coast):

P7070211OK, so they want to let the tourists know they’re welcome to participate.  What happened to the rationale by the coup-mongers that they were saving their country from foreign influence?

Given that the protest signs in the very small island enclave were ALSO in English (and some protesters were carrying the British Union Jack) attempts to spin the march as local support for the coup is almost as pathetic as Texas’ investment in entertaining Australian bar-flies.

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