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Beat the press

15 July 2009

Sombrero tip to Maggie’s Madness for finding this in the Tijuana “El Mexicano” (my translation):

TIJUANA —  The daily violence witnessed by municipal police have caused some to get testy*, cumulating in attempts to interfere with the work of various mass media journalists.

The result have been verbal, written and electronic threats by municipal police officers, directed especially at photographers and writers.

There were at least two new incidents over the weekend, one in Colonia Tecolote, where an armed gang had attacked three civilians.

There, Municipal Police officers, besides seizing photographs from journalists, told them “the mass media is responsible for this violent situation

Yesterday evening, after a municipal officer was murdered and another wounded, the police again interfered with journalists.

Specifically, the police sought to block the “right to information” and came to blows with cameramen and photographers seeking to record the violence that continues in Tijuana.

As a result, media representatives have released their own press statement, seeking a meeting with Secretary of Security Julian Leyzaola Perez and Tijuana’s mayor, Jorge Ramos Hernandez, to address the situation at the highest level.

At the same time, this morning the representatives of the national and international media requested a meeting later this evening with General Alfonso Duarte Mújica of the Federal Coordinating Group for Baja California to address their concerns.

Journalists, like police, have a job to do, and each sees their job from their own perspective.  However, this is not a reason for disturbances, nor should it be a rationale for interference with the work of the journalists.

* The original word was the noun “la crispación” — a noun form of frazzled, fried, pissed-off… crispy — and a word we really could use in English.

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  1. Maggie Drake permalink
    18 July 2009 1:28 am

    Hi Richard, I think I mentioned that I felt the cops here are really stressed out, which they are, everyone is.

    Anyway, this just came through AFN:

    Darn you, you just show off all the time with your translations.( ribbing you Richard)

    Ok, it’s hot here, I’m making a chicken for the pups and have to get it out of the oven. They are so spoiled. And they have fat bellies.


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