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Friday Night Video — for Hillary Clinton

17 July 2009

By now, it’s evident that the categorical condemnation of the coup [in Honduras], formulated by the Secretary General of the OAS, José Miguel Insulza, was a break with this organization’s deplorable tradition and, just as surely, provoked Washington to quickly remove him from the scene, substituting the docile Costa Rican president in his place.


[Organization of American States Secretary-General José Miguel] Insulza, a former Chilean Interior Minister, apparently rubbed the US the wrong way following his leadership role in the OAS’s decision to readmit Cuba to the organization. Cuba was removed from the OAS in 1962 last June.

The US wanted stricter regulations to be imposed on Cuba to assure greater democracy in the country. Clinton was reportedly unhappy with Insulza’s personal attempts to get Cuba unconditionally reinstated.

Insulza’s position was further undermined by Clinton’s naming Costa Rican President and Nobel Prize winner Óscar Arias as the sole negotiator in the Honduran crisis, (July 9), ignoring Insulza’s efforts, reported Chile’s conservative media this weekend.


It seems like just yesterday that Lanny Davis was making the rounds of every news outlet that would have him, talking up Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House

And now the hardest working conservative Democrat in show business has a new gig: lobbying against the Honduran leader recently deposed in a military coup.

The Hill reports that Davis has been hired by the Honduran branch of CEAL, the Latin American equivalent of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to urge US lawmakers to support, rather than oppose, the military removal of President Manuel Zelaya, Honduras’s democratically elected president.

Of course, thanks to his close ties to the current Secretary of State — who met with Zelaya yesterday — Davis could be particularly well placed for the job.

(Zachary Roth, TPMMuckraker)

The Secretary-General — and many others throughout the Americas — have only one thing to say about the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  The same thing these old Canadian guys were saying at the 2007  Pan American Games:

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