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Virtual slavery… in the virtual United States

15 August 2009

Via Latin American Herald Tribune (Caracas)

MEXICO CITY – Hundreds of farm workers in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur are being exploited by employers who trick them into believing they are in the United States and keep them in line with threats of deportation, the state’s official Human Rights Commission said.

Commission chairman Jordan Arrazola told capital daily Milenio in an interview published Friday that … “They make them (the workers) believe they are in the United States and don’t let them go out, they practically have them locked up,” Arrazola said.

“The foremen threaten to report them to ‘la migra’ (U.S. immigration authorities) to get them deported,” the official said.

Violations of human rights are common on many of the 40 large farms in Baja California Sur that grow vegetables for export to the United States, he said, noting that most of the workers are recruited from Mexico’s poorest, least-developed regions.

The moral of the story being… ??

I don’t know.  That workers expect they’ll be exploited, and fear what  “la migra” would do is t worse than what’s going on at those farms?

I wonder if they pay in U.S. dollars, or company store script.

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  1. azam permalink
    24 April 2010 12:30 pm

    is there any website which is legle
    and doing for searching condidates to work in USA farm pls tell about it

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