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Food for thought — Sunday readings

16 August 2009

Feeding addictions

“Visitation” sounds odd to English-speakers, but “visitador” is used in Spanish for a special investigator who may or may not have prosecutorial powers.  In colonial Neuva Espagna, the “visitador general” routinely checked the colony, went over the Viceroy’s books, and — when necessary — acted as a roving police chief, judge and prosecutor roled into one.

The Vatican has sent a “vistor” to the Legionaires of Christ and Regun Cristi to look into, among other things, the secret life of their founder — and Pope John-Paul II’s advisor on all things Mexican, Marciel Maciel.  American Papist has been following the sordid tale — including fathering as many as six childen in Mexico (one mother being a minor at the time) and reaches a few conclusions:

  • Fr. Maciel was an extraordinary, calculating fraud and he ought to be acknowledged as such by the leaders of the Legion and Regnum Christi alike
  • The breadth of Fr. Maciel’s crimes makes it nearly impossible that other members of the Legion did not know of them, and they ought to be brought to justice
  • The serious financial infraction of misusing lay resources (money, property, etc) for the upkeep of Fr. Maciel’s mistress and his other escapades demands restitution
  • The ongoing revelations about Fr. Maciel and his enablers requires an intense examination, person-by-person, of those still charged with the movement’s leadership

Taking the food right out of their mouths

Secret History on the disruption to the Corona Market a couple of blocks from the Museo Cabanas, where the North American Summit was held earlier this week:

I’m good with the US going south to discuss its protectionist policies that will strip Mexico and Canada of billions in trade dollars, but it also served as an interesting reminder that we can’t even visit Mexico without ripping the food out of somebody’s mouth.

Bad Health Food

Whole Foods made its reputation in the United States selling organic and healthy foods, which you’d think would make them somewhat aware of health issues. And public access to health care.  Sady No:

Read this loathsome op-ed by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods and part-time Yahoo sockpuppet, and I guarantee you it’s the last time you’ll be buying haricots verts, mahi-mahi, gluten-free sawdust bread, tofurkey kebabs, herbal boner pills or anything else from Whole Foods

Mackey’s op-ed bills itself as “The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare.” Your first signal of what might be coming, of course, is “ObamaCare,” And your second clue is the immediately following quotation from Ste. Margaret Thatcher.

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