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Nixon’s ghost

17 August 2009

Just about everyone who writes on Latin America has noted the postings at National Security Archives of documents related to the Nixon Administration’s (successful) efforts to gain support from the  Brazilian military dictator Emilio Médici (no relation — except in spirit — to Machievelli’s Lorenzo) for the overthrow of the Chilean government in the early 1970s. But nobody but Inca Kola News caught on that Nixon’s ghost — or his still breathing relic, Henry Kissinger — is still haunting the Americas:

Cut to 2009 and Hillary Clinton is in the SecState chair. She has this ThreatToWorldDemocracy™ which is this gawdawful SOCIALISM IN LATIN AMERICA, with Honduras currently top of the list of pains in the butt. So it was refreshing to hear Mrs. Clinton say on July 28th to a packed audience that:

“And on a personal note, let me say that since taking this job, I’ve relied on the wise counsel of many of my predecessors, and Secretary Kissinger has been among the most generous and thoughtful with his guidance and advice”.

As that old song goes, “I Wonder Who’s Kissinger Now?”.

Meanwhile, in Honduras (where the old “anti-communism” theme song is still being played), Nixon’s ghost made a surprisingly benign appearance, witnessed by Hermano Juanicito:

In the skit, a woman in a grotesque mark was selling tatascán, the strongest moonshine available, to three young guys who proceeded to get drunk and roll around on the floor. A catechist came to her and tried to get her to convert, to desist from selling guaro, moonshine. She said no and the catechist said he’d have to send in the priest.

The priest arrives in what look like an old cassock and stole – with a Richard Nixon mask.

It’s bad enough if you drink moonshine and see snakes… seeing Nixon might sober anyone up.

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  1. 17 August 2009 2:03 pm


    I’m rooting for that Scooby-Doo an’ them pesky kids to come save us.

  2. 17 August 2009 3:33 pm

    I was wondering why she converted so quickly after the priest arrived! You solved the mystery of the cantinera’s conversion – a dose of the ghost of Richard Nixon.

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