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In the bag

20 August 2009

As of yesterday, stores in the Federal District are can no longer use  non-biodegradable bags.  While this will only affect the District itself (which is about 9 million of the 18 million inhabitants of metro Mexico City) it will have a huge impact on businesses throughout Mexico — and beyond.

Businesses within metro Mexico City (about 18 to 20 million people) will, of course, be getting their supplies from the same companies that ship to businesses within the District.  And, with half the metro area (and the largest concentration of commercial activity) within the District, suppliers aren’t going to mess with looking at which side of the street businesses are located on, and ship biodegradable bags throughout the region.  Given that this is a quarter or more of all Mexican retail outlets, it’s going to be easier for suppliers to switch to providing biodegradable bags throughout the Republic… and to their customers in Central America.

The Federal District is desperate to resolve its mounting (for the last 500 years) trash problem.  Sorting organic from inorganic trash has only been a first step (and a little less than a quarter of households and businesses now sort their trash) — one challenge being that most households use old grocery sacks to bad their trash… and tossing all your kitchen waste in a non-biodegradable bag is kind of self-defeating.

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