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Colonia Le Baron update

24 August 2009

The murder of two bi-national residents of Le Baron, Chihuahua was cited by the U.S. State Department in their latest “consular warning” — which threw in Michoacan for some reason. Personally, I think Mexico ought to take a cue from Arthur Frommer and issue a consular warning about the failed state of Arizona (for the same reasons), but then, I don’t make the rules.  I don’t see where the murders in LeBaron had any real connection to the dual nationality of the victims (more likely it involved land disputes) but — given the outcry from the eccentric religious community’s residents, the State agreed to a demand for citizen patrols.  As soon as they can find qualified citizens.   From the 3 August El Mexicano (Cd. Juarez, my translation):

Over half of the seventy-seven Mormons who signed up to be trained for a community police force in Le Baron fail to meet the minimum requirements, according to State Public Security Secretariat spokesman, Fidel Banuelos.

The proposed sixty-person police group to be formed in the community of Le Baron, has not yet started the training courses.   Out of 77 people who took the examinations required by the SSPE, only 30 were able to pass the basic psychological and physical examinations and toxicological screening.

The state agency is still trying to find sixty individuals among the community’s youth to provide better security within the community.   When enough candidates are found, they will need to attend six months of training in Chihuahua.  For now, the community police force is only an idea.

It sounds like the State is going about this correctly. If — as I speculated — the violence has to do with land and water disputes, the last thing needed is to arm one community against another. Also, it’s good to see that as police forces are being upgraded, standards are being put in place.

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  1. 28 March 2011 6:01 pm

    This is an older date, but in case anyone is listening… the “current” bi-national citzen murders of the Lebaron were due in whole to the group/family not bending to the will of mexican drug cartels not land or water.


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