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Rest in pieces: gross out nota roja and Friday video

4 September 2009

I had a “concerned” e-mail from one sometime commentator, worried after reading about the spike in murders here in Mazatlán.

What mass killings did I miss? It took me a while to figure it out. A “music promoter” named Iván López Toledo disappeared from a disco early Saturday morning, reportedly kidnapped along with another guy.  Iván’s street moniker was “Jeringas” (“Syringes”).

Then body parts started showing up, making for stories all across Mexico about a mass murder.  It took a while for anybody to put it together… so to speak… with each new discovery being reported as another body,  but until Jeringas’ head showed up, it had everyone in Mexico thinking there had been several killings.

It turned out the initial reports about the other guy were false.  He wasn’t with Syringes and…  OK, so may be she was hot, and maybe he is an adult…  but this is Mexico.  You need to call your mom.

The late Mr. López claimed to be a “music promoter” — which was undoubtedly a euphemism for another field of entertainment activity facilitation.  On the other hand, there might have been some musical works he was qualified to promote:

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