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11 September

11 September 2009

The incidents of 11 September 2001 may have shocked the people of the United States into the realization that the country’s actions were not seen as benign to much of the world, but earlier 11 September forced Latin Americans to draw the same unfortunate conclusion.

As a result of the 11 September 2001 attack by Saudi dissidents,  U.S. government not only to try to quash domestic dissent but launched pre-emptive wars, and — internationally — openly embraced on an international scale  the kinds of behaviors (extraordinary renditions, hiring mercenaries to protect economic and strategic interests and overtly intervene in other nations’ domestic affairs) that Latin Americans were shocked into realizing was basic to United States policy on 11 September 1973.

Victor Jara, the Chilean composer, was only one of the 11 September victims… tortured and machine gunned to death and dumped in a Santiago slum on 15 September 1973.

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