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Honduras — running out the clock

15 September 2009

By the way, today is recognized as Honduran Independence Day.  It was part of Nuevo Espagna, but figures Father Hildago rang his chimes sometime before midnight.

Honduran independence is kind of up in the air right now.  Yeah, it’s an independent nation, but it’s internal self-governance seems to be in the hands of Hillary Clinton and Oscar Arias.  Or — at least, Hillary Clinton seems to think she has the right to give Oscar Arias the right to set the rules for Honduran governance.

From Bloggings by Boz:

The best way out of this crisis remains some version of Arias’ San Jose Accord. President Zelaya should be allowed to return, some form of amnesty should be granted for all sides of the coup process and elections should proceed this year.

With all due respect, an amnesty is rewarding the gangsters who seized the state.  The nonsense that this was a “constitutional change” of government holds no more true than nearly any other coup in Latin American history, the example I always use being Victoriano Huerta’s February 1913 coup, in which he was technically the presidential successor.  Using the military to force the president out is a coup, and in Honduras, you don’t even have a “voluntary” resignation though an obviously forged document was presented to the members of congress who bothered to show up after “President” Micheletti seized power.

Honduras Oye! writes:

Who has the right to run Honduras, the democratically-elected President or the guy who collaborated in the kidnapping of the president and takeover of the government through a military coup?  Seemed like it was a no-brainer. You’d think that Hillary was throwing Arias a softball.  It didn’t take long for all to realize that Arias job was to prolong the “negotiations” so that even Job would have to say “oh, the hell with this!” And, eat up the clock it did.  The result was that President Zelaya agreed to all conditions of the San Jose accord and Micheletti just stamped his feet and bellowed a lot.  And all the while, the people of Honduras marched, were detained without cause, and killed in politically motivated assassinations.  Nice job, Oscar.

Boz usually is tuned into the “official” U.S. government position on Latin America, which seems to be that the elections will be either meaningful, or accepted by anyone other than the United States (if even them). And, apparently, the Michelleti “government” seems to believe that an election will absolve them of their future status as international fugitives (or Miami emigres).

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