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My way or the highway: Micheletti

29 September 2009

The defecto (ooops… “de facto”) Honduran government is not making friends or influencing people with this kind of “leadership”:

Honduran interim President Roberto Micheletti issued an ultimatum Monday, giving Mexico and three other countries 10 days to recognize his de facto rule and asked to have his diplomatic privileges returned.

The ultimatum was given to Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, and Spain. Micheletti is threatening to withdraw all flags and national symbols from those countries’ embassies in Honduras. The Organization of American States and the European Union have decided to send diplomats back to Honduras after having abandoned Honduras during the coup. Diplomatic representatives are planning to return to the country in the coming days. However, the de facto Honduran authorities announced Monday that they will not receive the ambassadors of those nations.

“The Honduran government will not receive diplomats from countries that unilaterally decided to break their diplomatic relations with Honduras during the coup or to maintain them at the level of concurrent embassies,” said a Spanish diplomatic source.

Roberto Micheletti, who assumed the de facto presidency in Honduras after the military overthrow of President Manuel Zelaya about three months ago, said that he will not get into any further conflicts. “We don’t want arguments with anyone,” he said.

Funny way of not arguing with people.

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  1. 29 September 2009 11:36 pm

    What he really means is, “We don’t want anyone arguing with us.”

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