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I guess she’s not a fan

29 September 2009

Guadalupe Rivera Marín, Director of the Fundación Diego Rivera, is not particularly fond of the works of Frida Kahlo, for some reason…

(Partial article translated from EFE wire story, via El Universal)

Diego Rivera had to “finish up canvases” for Frida Kahlo because “she was so very lazy,” said Guadalupe Rivera, one of the daughters of Mexican artist in an interview published today by the Buenos Aires newspaper Clarin.

“When she needed money, he finished them so he could sell them,” she said, adding it bothered her “a lot” that her father’s memory is linked to that of Kahlo, his third wife.

Guadalupe Rivera, the daughter a previous marriage between the artist and Guadalupe Marin, said Kahlo, “was totally different from what they say now she was.”

“First off, she was extremely mannish, foul-mouthed and “loved fooling around with the mariachis” on the Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City. “

Rivera’s daughter adds that athough Kahlo was said to be a woman full of life, “she was a degenerate,” and, she adds, “a bad painter.”

If my arithmetic is right, Guadalupe Rivera Marín, was born in 1924, and Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo married (for the first time) in 1929, then Guadalupe was five when her family was broken up by the other woman. Much as I discount Kahlo as a major artist (and if Diego had finished her canvases,  his ego was too huge to not have made them anything but Riveras.. not to mention they would have been better art), why do I suspect there may be some unresolved childhood issues lurking about this revisionist view of art history?

Ah well, as Tolstoi said, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

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