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Doing a job Mexican can

30 September 2009

Alex Alvarez (Guanabee) on the newest competitors in the oldest profession:

More and more U.S. sex workers are heading south of the border (you shut up) in order to seek work in a safer, regulated and potentially more lucrative environment than on U.S. streets – even despite recent reports that suggest their patrons could do a little better when it comes to wrapping it up.

Gloria, an activist in “Las Magdalenas”, a sex-workers’ rights organization — while not overtly hostile to the foreign competition — notices more and more of these foreign workers in a already tough market.

Tijuana’s tourist zone’s normal two percent unemployment rate has been pushed to eight percent by both the recession and a media fueled worries among U.S. tourists about violence and the flu.

Gloria was interviewed by Yurina Rico of the U.S. based La Opinion, as was Victor Clark, a University of California at San Diego professor and Director of Tijuana’s Centro Binacional de Derechos Humanos .  According to Clark, the   foreign prostitutes tend to be older than the average Tijuana street walker, and are more likely to be homeless or drug addicts.

Prostitution, being “not illegal” (although regulated) in Mexico, makes it a safer work environment than north of the border, but that foreign workers without authorization for “activides lucrativas” which cannot be filled by Mexican workers can get them deported. I suppose being native speakers of English  might be a special skill, but its’ unlikely to be seen as necessary to their job.

Then again…

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  1. 2 October 2009 2:53 pm

    “Yankee go home!” And take your hookers with you…

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