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Our Latin America wants you!

6 October 2009

Now you too can be a pundit!  Er… erudito.

bolivar-wants-you22223Our Latin America” (aka, The Latin Americanist), one of the pithier, and better general Latin American news sites in English, has been a collective effort by several young, smart, general experts on this part of the planet.  Most of them are grad students, which means they’re overworked and underpaid by definition.

The five of them are looking to expand their efforts.  Posts are usually very short (a couple of bullet points of information from various countries) and a paragraph or two of explication.

That is now.  While that is needed on a regular, rotating basis throughout the week, they also need a person to blog over the weekends and people to do weekly reviews of specific fields like sports, music, business and so on.

While in the age of the internet, even people in on the Mexican Pacific coast can get an overview of  what is said, and done, throughout the region, the Latin Americanist gang of five is mostly New York City based, which creates some distortion in their point of view… call it “mainstream media” thinking.  Posters — even those without higher academic degrees — and even cranky geezers from provincial backwaters — who can write clearly in English, and commit themselves to some regular posting, are welcome to join their crew.

At some point, they may even be able to pay a little bit.  Write:

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