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Welcome, Rick… it’ll be a moving experience

19 October 2009

Assuming Hurricane Rick DOES hit Cabo San Lucas sometime in the next 48 hours, and doesn’t continue to weaken (as it has been) we may be in for a good rain … but that’s about it… here in Mazatlán. Or a lot of rain (which we can desperately use).  Or a hell of a lot of rain (which we can still use, though there is too much of a good thing).   It’s only a hurricane… it’ll pass.

The surf is great, but the non-surfing tourist-dependent types (and tourists)  worry about temporary highway closings between here and the U.S. border at the start of the annual migration of the “snowbirds” and possible cancellations of cruise ship sailings out of San Diego (they dock here on Wednesdays), but — then again — a lot of them just live to worry.  Any disruptions in posting over the next few days are more likely due to my moving a couple doors up the street (which will be a hassle if it’s wet), though that’ll be an on-going disruption in my life for a while.


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  1. 19 October 2009 2:03 pm

    Except for putting yourself about 50 miles closer to where Rick is expected to come ashore on the mainland, I agree that all we here in Mazatlán are just going to a bunch (or not-so-much) rain and maybe a little wind.

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