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Fight fiercely, Kyle, fight…

23 October 2009

I don’t know when Kyle de Beausset finds the time to actually go to classes up there in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  De Beusset runs Citizen Orange and is one of the brains behind the on-line immigrant rights network, The Sanctuary.  He’s also a valued regular MexFiles reader and sometime commentator.

Going on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” — which seems to exist for the sole purpose of letting the eponymous presenter, Bill O’Reilly, refer to those being interviewed as “stupid” or “pinheads” or “left-wing kooks” when they challenge his … shall we be polite and say… dated ideas about the world?

Kyle was supposed to have five minutes to explain exactly why he took time out of his already overloaded schedule to take on Jim Gilchrist,  fuhrer of the “Minute Man Project,” known associate of neo (and retro) Nazis and — in de Beausett’s main complaint —  ally and supporter of terrorist Shawna Forde.

In early October Kyle began using different university mailing lists to build support for uninviting Gilchrist to speak at Harvard:

“It might be an interesting intellectual exercise for Harvard students to hear extremist views,” de Beausset wrote in one of these e-mails, but he added that the “broader implications of legitimizing these extremist views with the Harvard name” were more important.

While another presenter — arguably saner and better mannered — was substituted for O’Reilly — Kyle was cut short when the presenter failed to rile him, or to shake his obviously correct sense of the law and civil rights.

On Citizen Orange, Kyle explains the points he was not able to make:

The only way to truly understand the consequences of hateful speech like Gilchrist’s is to hear the audio of Brisenia Flores’ mother when she dialed 911 to report that her husband and her daughter were shot and killed. (WARNING: Listening to this audio might be traumatic for those who have suffered violence.  I have only listened to it once and that was enough.)  Jim Gilchrist is a close associate of Shawna Forde’s and has defended her in the past.

Writing about his immersion into the snakepit of cable television opinion shows, Kyle thought he “messed up.”  Not at all… the program was meant to pit crass v. class.  Crass had to fight dirty, and still didn´t win.  Kyle,  in the true spirit of the Harvard undergraduate, he impressed them with his prowess, and did not let the Crimson down, to use the phraseology of Harvard Class of 1947’s immortal Tom Lehrer.

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