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Maized and confused…

26 October 2009

Esther at “From Xico” has a long post up this morning… essential reading on yet another assault on Mexican agriculture.  I’m not opposed to cross-breeding… after all, that’s why Mexico has forty-one separate races and several thousand different varieties of our native crop, so what Monsanto is up to probably falls somewhere on the scale of Mexican invasions somewhere up there with the Conquest in terms of its likely effects on the culture and people.  READ ESTHER’S POST.

Monsanto is the largest producer of genetically modified seed in the world.  This company with its tentacles spread across continents has a tightening grip on the production of some of the world’s basic foods, like corn and soy.  Its grip doesn’t have to do with the superiority of its products but with its relentless pursuit of profit at any cost and with any tools at hand.  Genetically modified seed production is the latest and most ominous of its activities….

… Mexico has just granted 15 permits for GM seed research projects in the states of Sinaloa, Chihuaha, Sonora and Tamaulipas, with another eight pending. Nine of the just granted permits go to Monsanto, six to its brother-in-crime Dow AgroScience.


Hun-Hunahpu, First Father, and Maize God of the Mayan

Of course the government offers all kinds of assurances and in fact has put in place some protections. But according to El Processo,

“[T]here was no pressure, but rather everything is according to the law, now that the most important thing is to guarantee to society that the goverment is doing its best. Enriqe Sánchez Cruz, director in chief of the National Public Health and Food Safety Service explained that expert opinion was taken into account in setting up experimental seed projects, that it is all according to law, and that they have the support of the [Mexican] Inter-departmental Commission of Biosecurity on Genetically Modified Organisms.

“He said that the plantings which will be undertaken will be strictly experimental and that they will take place on controlled plots and totally isolated from other types of cultivars.

“Addressing the measures of biosecurity established by law, Mauricio Limón Aguirre, subsecretary of Management for the Protection of the Environment, referred to the construction of cycle fencing to avoid easy access to these little land parcels where the experiments will take place; mentioned that there will be a minimum distance of 500 meters from other crops, and there will be a temporary period of isolation after a month to avoid the flow of genetic material to a possible conventional maize crop.

Centeotl, Corn God of the Aztecs

Centeotl, Corn God of the Aztecs

“Furthermore, [they will be required] to specify geographic coordinates; to establish a log, to erect pollen plants so that there won’t be any flow through this means (whatever that means), and in addition to burn the product so that it doesn’t enter the food supply.

“During the press conference, Juan Elvira Quezada [head of the Secretariat of the Environment and Natural resources, or Semarnat] did not specify exactly what the permits said and what area was covered, among other things.  He only said that you could find the information on the [Senasica] web page.

However, at consulting the page at and linking to transgenics, only the phrase, ‘Forgive the inconvenience.  The information which meets the criteria of your search does not exist.'”


Yankeedollar, Corn God of Montsanto

There will be more to say on this later, but you should have read Esther’s post first.  What are you still doing here.  Go read Monstrous Montsanto in Mexico and the World.

Go… go… Now.


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  1. 26 October 2009 10:16 am

    Thanks for the plug! More to come.
    By the way, your new posts aren’t coming through on my blogpost. I thought you were off finishing your book and only checked when I realized I was getting lots of links from your blog today.

  2. 19 September 2014 7:27 pm

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