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27 October 2009

I really don’t care much about U.S. television (I normally check on-line sources, and if I want to see U.S. television news, I wait until MSNBC programs are posted on the internet about an hour after their airing in the U.S. –and maybe watch two or three segments that looks halfway interesting) and have given up on a lot of the U.S. based political websites I used to read, because all they seem to talk about is how much money some politician or the other raised (what’s called bribery down here) or deconstruct whatever some TV talking head said about something.  Apparently, people are shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover that corporate media companies have biases like every other media outlet.

That said, I have been not paying attention to the BIG ISSUE on the local expat message board (something that was of so little interest to me, I dropped my membership)… the local cable-TV services have been dumping the U.S. based CNN English channel. CNN (en Inglés) seems to be dropping off the Mexican cable box, and I wonder if there isn’t a connection to another news story I only caught because I follow immigration-rights news:

CNN last week took steps to repair its tattered image with the Latino community by running a heart-warming series, Latino in America, that does a reasonable job of exploring the realities of daily life the nation’s fastest-growing minority bloc.

But what they really don’t want to talk about is Lou Dobbs — the most Latino-bashing media figure of them all. And it’s already biting them in the butt

I’ve been hearing for years from the Latin American left (and center-left, the Mexican political mainstream) complaints that CNN En Español is — if not an active propaganda organ of the United States — prone to intrerpret the news through the lens of United States thinking and coverage of issues outside the United States is as scanty as coverage of “foreign” news in other U.S. sources (Not to say that CNN en Español is worthless… the United States is the third largest Spanish-speaking country — second if you include Puerto Rico — and there’s a need for a “mainstream” Spanish language news channel.  The issue for Mexicans is whether or not it serves Mexican news viewer’s needs, and mostly, they say it doesn’t).

As to the disappearance of CNN “en Inglés” the local forum’s group think seems to be just that there aren’t enough English-language customers to justify carrying that particular channel. But, then again, maybe it’s something else.  Maybe the Mexican company is asking itself why it buys a service that insults the intelligence of its English-language subscribers.  And all Mexicans… and Guatemalans, and Hondurans, and Salvadorians… and…


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