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(semi) CENSORED!

29 October 2009

La Granja, the Los Tigres del Norte fable about the collapse of Mexican agriculture (and society) under the mismanagement of the “drug war” is not exactly banned by the government.  However, several radio stations have refused to play the anti-government (and, incidentally, anti-narco) song, and Los Tigres canceled their appearance at the Las Lunas music awards show after organizers of the private event refused to allow the group to perform their contemporary Mexican version of “Animal Farm” .

This is not a “narco-corrido” but a critique (and a devastating one) of the effects of the “drug war” on rural Mexico.  As the masked music critic, “Mr. Tochtli” explains, La Granja is an allegory:  The fox (as in Vicente) unwisely releases the dog (the narcos).  As the pigs (the PRI for Mr. Tochtli, although he notes that “oink! oink! oink!”  sounds like Vicente Fox’s repeatedly shouted “¡Hoy! ¡Hoy! ¡Hoy!” as he promised a change in governing parties would bring a change to society) worry about their own grain supplies (and dollars… imports?), the chickens (the press) do nothing  and the rabbit (a small time drug dealer) is locked up, the countryside languishes… and there is no escape… although the timely appearance of a Tigre (del Norte) might solve one problem on La Granja.

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  1. 29 October 2009 3:35 pm

    You forgot to mention that Los Tigres are brothers from Sinaloa. At least that’s how they started out. Their music is a relief from all the banda (much of which is really bad), even though there really is very good banda. It’s just that the steady diet of banda here in Mazatlán where it originated gets very old sometimes.

    I really enjoy Los Tigres del Norte.

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