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Honduras: “the situation is worse than ever”

9 November 2009

So says Human Rights monitor Bertha Oliva, about the so called agreement in Honduras, that does nothing more than put the usurpers in the position of overseeing elections later this month.  The same electoral tribunal that was lobbying Washington to recognize elections run by the coup regime under the absurd argument that elections should be “separate from the political fray” will be in charge of the military, which doesn’t exactly give peace — or any meaningful democratic alternative — a chance.

The Real News Network, in posting this clip, notes that at 08:39, “the subtitle quotes Shannon as saying “Honduran democracy is NOT in the hands of Hondurans. It should read is NOW in the hands of Hondurans.”

Not so much a mistake, as a freudian slip, perhaps.  Although I don’t see much difference between the Obama Administration’s Latin American policy and that of any other Democratic Party administration going back to Woodrow Wilson’s “we will teach them to elect good men,”  Shannon was a hold over from the Bush Administration.  Sending him to Honduras as Deputy Secretary of State for Hemispheric Affairs was a sop to Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina (and representative of the far right Hondurans, or so he would make himself), who held up the appointment of Dr. Arturo Valenzuela for the position until after these phoney negotiations were completed.

While the agreement gives the United States a plausible excuse to recognize a regime that is likely to only begrudingly and cosmetically reform the system, the opposition is likely to grow, especially given the large scale repudiation of the elections within Honduran society itself.

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