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Ignorance is no excuse…

22 November 2009

In addition to  various Spanish language sites, the Mexican newspapers, and a couple of on-line wonkish foreign policy publications.  Mex Files  subscribes (via RSS feeder) to about two dozen English-language blogs.  Most are in Mexico, although that includes blogs from throughout the hemisphere.    Some are seldom quoted, but read regularly, and — if if not directly related to what is written about here — a joy to read.  Like Bob Mrotek’s wonderful and erudite “Mexico Bob Blogspot“.  Mexico Bob knows his history, his Mexican culture and a good eye for detail.  His posts are thoughtful and well researched — not something I can say about the two I’ve decided to drop from my RSS reader.

Borderlands Beat (not worth the link) is a cop site… all about the murder and mayhem of the “drug war”… and, so I’ve noticed, hopelessly inaccurate.  A recent post on a police assassination in my state seemed to think the either the “Port of Mazatlan” — or the whole state —  has a “mayor” named Mercedes Murillo de Esquer.  There is such a person, the head of a non-governmental organization concerned with safety and security issues, in Cuiliacán, but she has no official role in the municipal governments of either the MUNICIPIO of Mazatlán, nor of Navolato, where the crime under discussion occurred.  This is poor investigation for a cop, and even worse for a reporter, who at least should provide a readable narrative.

Less annoying perhaps, but also being dropped is one of those “My Life in Mexico” sites (that shall remain nameless and linkless to protect the innocent) that I had hope for.  The author is a dependent of the United States Embassy, but apparently happy to remain a clueless tourist.  At least, not knowing that Mexico is a major agricultural exporter, including fruit, she finds the fact that there is fruit fly control something to be tagged “only in Mexico”.  Please!

I’ll keep reading “Crooks and Liars” (a U.S. based “progressive” site) even though it seems to think Telemundo is a MEXICAN television network*.    Telemundo is a PUERTO RICAN corporation owned by the National Broadcasting System and MSN, both United States corporations.  Last time I checked, Puerto Rico as still a Commonwealth of the United States, and geographically an island in the Caribbean, not part of Mexico.

Some of the programming (especially telenovelas) are Mexican produced, and Telemundo stations can be picked up in a few frontier towns, but nope, not Mexican.  Maybe the “progressive” folks at Crooks and Liars can explain why they assume a woman speaking English with a Spanish-language accent is — ipso facto — Mexican, I’ll leave to smarter people than myself when it comes to the U.S. Latino experience.

Besides, while Mexican television news programs sometimes interview in English (Conservative journalist Sergio Sarmiento often interviews foreign newsmakers in English on his television program, La entrevista con Sarmiento) and there are a few English-language news broadcasts (notably Ana Maria Salazar’s radio program for Imagen Informativa, Mexican television has no interest in a washed up hack like Lou Dobbs.  Mexican Americans, and Mexican immigrants to the United States, yes.  But he’s irrelevant to Mexico, and there’s no reason for him to be interviewed by Mexican television.

Nor, apparently, to trust even “progressives” to get the facts right when they talk about Mexico.  Their hearts may be in the right place, but their brains are stuck up their ass.

* They must read The Mex Files… at least they’ve changed the text  to read “Spanish language network…” but letting the original error through a site that is, presumably edited, and written by David Niewart, who makes a name for himself as an expert on racism and the media, this was still boneheaded.

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  1. otto permalink
    22 November 2009 6:35 am

    “….Nor, apparently, to trust even “progressives” to get the facts right when they talk about (insert subject here). Their hearts may be in the right place, but their brains are stuck up their ass.”


  2. 23 November 2009 8:41 am

    Duty calls!

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