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It’s beginning to look like Christmas…

11 December 2009

The Christmas tree, like Santa Claus and … well, gifts at Christmas instead of Tres Reyes… has been taking over the traditional festivities — or integrating with them — for years now.  Although, being Mexico, where one can’t decorate enough, there’s a place for the world’s biggest Christmas tree… 110.35 meters high, 1.2 million lightbulbs and 80 kilometers of cable… right in the middle of the Reforma at Rio Oslo in Mexico City.

For myself… I’m trying to maintain SOME semblance of Mexicanismo — I figure, like most Mexican workers, Christmas actually  runs from Virgin of Guadalupe Day (tomorrow) through Tres Reyes (6 January) and the point is to do as little work as humanly possible.  So, my Christmas Tree is a Guadalupe-Reyes Tree — a mere 1.60 meters, with only 100 lightbulbs and about 2 meters of cable goes up tomorrow.

I was really amazed, and ooohhhed and aaaahed along with everyone else when I saw the Reforma tree earlier this week.  My pictures aren’t nearly as impressive as Gary Denness’ video from last Saturday’s lighting ceremony.

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