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Equal opportunity morons

16 December 2009

Gancho still reads the U.S. news blogs (something I’ve pretty much given up on), and picked up this from supposed “progressive” Matt Yglisias (who even has a “hispanic” surname), surveying the Obama Administration’s foreign policy:

But for all that, this has really been a year without a major international crisis. Russia hasn’t invaded any foreign countries. No terrorist attacks have struck the United States. The handling of the coup in Ecuador was, I think, quite deft but this was hardly a major event in the scheme of things.

Uh, what coup in Ecuador?  There was one in Honduras — a Central American, not South American country (where Spanish is also the majority language, and is also south of Mexico, but otherwise doesn’t have much in common with the Andean Community member state) and– not exactly handled with what anyone in Latin America (or half a brain) would call “deft-itude”.

I don’t often bother to read it, but the Wall Street Journal — which is knee-jerk reactionary when it comes to Latin America, and especially the left in this part of the world — takes stupid to a whole new dimension when they write of the Venezuelan establishment:

What do Fadi Kabboul, Aref Richany Jimenez, Radwan Sabbagh and Tarek Zaidan El Aissami Maddah have in common? The answer is that they are, respectively, executive director for planning of Venezuelan oil company PdVSA; the president of Venezuela’s military-industrial complex; the president of a major state-owned mining concern; and, finally, the minister of interior. Latin Americans of Middle Eastern descent have long played prominent roles in national politics and business. But these are all fingertip positions in what gives the Iranian-Venezuelan relationship its worrying grip.

Like Mexicans Carlos Slim and Salma Hyack these prominent Venezuelan gents are descended from the CATHOLIC Lebanese and Palestinians who prospered thoughout Latin America, and probably, as an ethnic minority are somewhat over-represented in public positions.  Like the Jews in the United States… which gives the WSJ bonus stupidity, for putting out racist clap-trap not much different than e-mails from Nazis “exposing” secret Jewish control of the U.S.

BoRev gives extra credit for missing the factoid that the Lebanese and Palestinians are Arabs, the Iranians are Persians.  And the Wall Street Journal editorial writers are idiots.

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  1. 16 December 2009 3:16 pm

    “The handling of the coup in Honduras was quite daft because this was a major event in the scheme of things.”

    Fixed it for ya, Matt, ya dumbass…


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